We were still reeling from the news of Maine music legend, Bill Chinnock's death that first week in the windy chill of March. Then while I was on the air a couple days later,  another phone call came that I certainly didn't want hear. My friend Dave dialed into the Blimp studio to tell me that Brad Delp was now gone too.

Dave is a huge Boston fan and was also a loyal follower of Brad's Fab Four tribute band, Beatlejuice. He had connections to Brad through friends and was the first to share the terrible message with WBLM. I remember instantly choking up and then after composing myself, delivering the sad story to Blimpsters followed by Boston classics for the rest of the show.

A Man I'll Never Be was the most moving moment in the set. Since Brad passed away, it gets us every time.

"I can't get any stronger
I can't climb any higher
You'll never know just how hard I've tried
Cry a little longer
And hold a little tighter

Emotions can't be satisfied"


On March 9, 2007, the world was dimmed by the loss of a gentle soul with the voice of a rock n' roll angel.

Here's that week's local news report from WMUR TV in Manchester, NH. They did a great job of telling the heartbreaking while honoring Brad's legacy.

Watch Brad sing Something About You with Boston at Meadowbrook in 2004.

You can listen to the last known radio interview with Brad Delp hosted by our radio brother, A-Train at the Shark in Portsmouth New Hampshire. It took place just two days before his death.

Love and light to all who knew Brad and to those who've been touched by his music on this sad anniversary from your friends at the Blimp.

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