Brad Delp from the band Boston died on this date in 2007. Brad committed suicide in Atkinson, NH- a tragic end to an amazing musical life.

Delp and Boston came to Maine several times throughout their career, including the 13th show EVER by the band in October of 1976 in Lewiston. We ran into Brad from time to time, sometimes with Boston, a few times with his Beatles cover band, Beatlejuice. Brad was very un-rock star. Somewhat shy and unassuming, never an attitude. We loved him.

There'a been a lot written about the dark side of Brad Delp. About the many lawsuits that Boston has been involved in over the years. Today, with the Blimp within earshot of Danvers, MA,  Atkinson, NH and all the other places in New England where Bradley Edward Delp lived and made music, we focus instead on THE VOICE. A voice like no other in Rock and Roll. A voice that will give you goosebumps, right now, with this isolated vocal: