He was born May 19, 1949 in Dallas, Texas.  Joseph Michael Hill turns 71 today. Blimpville knows him better as ‘Dusty’ from ZZ Top.

Soon after ‘That Lil’ Ole Band from Texas’ formed in 1969, he became the bass player, co-vocalist and sometimes keyboardist . There were two other bass players in the band briefly, before he joined Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard. Happy Birthday Dusty Hill!

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Dusty has rocked Portland 13 times with ZZ over the years, from the very first concert at the CCCC in 1977 to last summer on the Maine State Pier. Apparently, he likes to hang with the locals after the show and have fun while he's here too.

Blimpsters have reported legendary sightings on the BLM Loyal Listener Line in the past. These aftershow local visits included Yankee Lanes (now Sparetime) and Platinum Plus (now PT's Showclub). "Lord take me downtown! I'm just lookin' for some Tush!"

The very first Maine headlining appearance from ZZ Top happened 45 years ago, two days before Dusty's 26th birthday in 1975. This was just around the corner from the original WBLM studios at trailer in Litchfield at the CMYC in Lewiston.

The Blimp was very involved with getting the word out about the show on the radio leading up to ZZ Top's initial top spot show here. WBLM teamed up with Northeast Concerts led by our longtime friend, Andrew Govatsos to boost awareness for this very special night in Maine rock history.

The promoters originally had Brownsville Station as the headliner. ZZ Top popularity blew right up and they were switched to the top of the bill. The promoters didn't have a picture of ZZ Top in time for the release of the announcement poster.

Brownsville Station (also a trio) were used instead. Wonder how many people thought they were looking at ZZ?




You can listen to to entire Lewiston show here. Sounds like it was a delightfully rowdy night!

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