Bethel, Maine is the Center of the Wildlfe World this weekend with the Bethel Maine Moose Lottery Festival. The fun level will be high...the tension level even higher! Each year, more than 60,000 sportsmen and women from around the entire country wait to hear if they've been chosen for a Moose Hunting Permit.  The odds are pretty crazy, with a total of 2,740 people ultimately winning.

But the Maine Moose Lottery festival is much more than JUST the lottery, There's a ton going on all weekend. It will be fun for everyone in your family. And the Blimp is proud to kick the whole thing off as we bring the entire Blimp Morning show LIVE to the Bethel Town Common for this Friday's show!


C'mon down and see us Friday morning..we've NEVER done a show from downtown Bethel before (other than that one Miollyockett Day parade...) so we've very excited. bring your best moose call and we'll probably put you on the radio! See ya Friday bright and early. Major thanks to our Friday broadcast sponsors: