It's St. Patrick's Day and one of our favorite Irish Mainers has recently gone off on a subject that he is passionate about, Reese's. Here I was thinking that Bob isn't a deep guy, but wow, he's definitely spent some time developing his opinion about Reese's.

Follow Bob down the peanut butter/chocolate rabbit hole!

Bob Marley is for sure a Maine treasure, you can get your fix by checking him out at a live show, here's his schedule.

Now, back to Reese's. I did a little research, and Bob's not wrong. Hershey's has turned those sweet little buggers into many different shapes: bats, sticks, hearts, eggs, trees, ghosts, puffs, pumpkins, footballs, bunnies and more. I always miss the hard edge of the cup when I eat a Reese's egg.

Here's a ranking of Reese's treats:

I am not a peanut butter fan, so Reese's is not my thing. Do you have strong feelings like  Bob does? Share your comments on our Fan Page.

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