According to News Center Maine, those nasty, itch-inducing brown tail moth caterpillars are back in a big way this year. The threat is so real that there's actually a 211 line to call for information. That's right, call 211 and you will be connected with a real, live specialist to talk to you about browntail moths and the havoc being wrought by their shed skins, hairs and wispy nests that can cause an array of discomfort.

Check out Maine CDC FAQ's for a ton of information about dealing with their nests and such. Yuck tho has suggestions for living around these wee beasties:

  • After being outdoors, and by that I mean in nature, not in the T.J. Maxx parking lot, take a shower and wash your clothes. Hairs from the caterpillars can stay on your clothes and cause allergic reactions.
  • Skip the line dry during High Hair Season. That sounds like an 80's band! Pop for a laundry mat dryer because you don't want your clothes getting covered in browntail moth hair. Blech!
  • If you have to work outdoors, cover yourself as much as you can. Think tick protection- but add a bandanna to cover your mouth.
  • Do your yard work like raking or mowing when it's damp out so that the hairs aren't airborne.

Not only can browntail moth hairs and their associated yuck cause itchy rashes, they can also cause breathing problems.

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