The other day I stopped one of my children from entering the bathroom with an iPad. Come on! I thought it was evidence that she is addicted to electronics. Being a concerned parent, I looked into it and it seems that I am in the minority when it comes to this topic! Lysol No Mess Max Survey of 1,000 adults found that grown ups are giving up paper and going electronic for their bathroom entertainment. Overall, 70% of respondents admit that it's part of their daily ritual to use their devices like smartphones and tablets, while using the bathroom!

Here's what business they are conducting while "taking care of business":

  • Reading a tweet, Instagram feed or Facebook update-57%
  • Purchasing clothes online-54%
  • E-mailing a boss, co-worker or client-36%
  • Buying groceries online-31%
  • Viewing a friend's profile-27%
  • Viewing a family member's profile-24%
  • Sending a text-24%
  • Posting or "Liking"  Facebook content-17%
  • Posting a vine (don't ask)-5%

I don't usually ask about your potty habits, but have you gone paperless?

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This helps explain why our electronic devices are so nasty and germy! Ick, I will never borrow someone else's cell phone ever again!