I don’t know if prices have truly skyrocketed beyond comprehension, if new places are just opening up outside of my budget, or if I’m just now realizing how expensive Portland is.

The other night I wanted to grab something to eat with friends before we frolicked off into our nightly plans. I beat them into town and started walking around searching to find a new place to try. There are new restaurants and bars opening practically daily around town and I knew I had handfuls of options.

Restaurants in Portland, Maine

I would walk by a place, stall outside, check out their menu online, roll my eyes, and keep walking.

I walked around forever trying to find something where we could get a quick bite to eat for relatively cheap and I was at a loss.

I succumbed to the usual places we’ve eaten at before but even their menus felt ridiculous. At no point in time should I ever be spending more than $10 for a sandwich made up of just bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

I wasn’t that hungry and was going to be content just munching on some appetizers but I felt so limited with my options that wouldn’t break the bank. We have an insane amount of eateries scattered around town with all sorts of different foods but the one main thing they have in common is that they are not affordable!

I am a huge foodie and will typically be okay with spending a little extra for something good but even when I’m just looking for something simple it seems like I have to prepare to spend a pretty penny.

Are there places to eat in the Old Port that won’t cost more than it's worth? Can I sit down, have a simple drink, and a bite to eat, and not have to spend $30?

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