Crash Barry is an advocate of cannabis liberation and writer of books like Sex, Drugs, and Blueberries and Marijuana  Valley. According to his Facebook page, Crash is "a reclusive author and filmmaker living in the foothills of western Maine." Tomorrow he comes out of seclusion to celebrate the green.  As part of his continuing contribution to the movement of normalizing canna-culture, he will be on Monument Square at high noon on 4/20 gifting buds. His message on Facebook reads,

"Say "cannabis liberation" to me and you'll receive copy of the book "Marijuana Valley" and a gift of organic, Maine-grown blueberry-euphoria."

Recreational marijuana legalization went into effect on January 30th for Maine adults 21 and over. Looks like we have to wait until sometime in 2018 to purchase it in a store. While it's legal for adults to grow and use it, there are no legal recreational sales yet. It's a gray area right now as to whether or not gifting is okay. You don't pay someone when they give you a gift though, right?


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