You know them as the Captain and Celeste, but today on the WBLM Morning Show they were known as Tipsy Glitterballs and Busty Tinglepants. That's because C&C got into the Elf Name generators that are all over the interwebs. There are all sorts of generators out there, and of course the Blimp Morning Show gravitated to the ones that were more naughty than nice! With some of these genreators, you just give them your first and last name and POOF! The next thing you know you're knows as Bushy Evergreen!

The process for us today was much more complicated than just getting your first and last name. We needed to ask some very sonal questions. You know about your dating and website search histories. So fun and you people wil tell us anything!  Listen to the Captain and Celeste give WBLM listeners their Christmas Elf names:




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