When we heard that TV News Icon and All-Around Good Guy Lee Nelson was retiring from NewsCenter, we were super happy for him. But then we thought about US and our needs and we were extremely upset. How could he? How could this media legend leave us NOW?! During the hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck that IS 2020? Lee is one of the CONSTANTS in a world that no longer has anything that is constant. How DARE he leave us to go pursue his life dream of being a personal health instructor.  So Celeste and I decided in the best interest of the State of Maine to take matters into our own hands and call Lee at home this morning to see if we could talk him out of retiring after 31 years at NewsCenter. Most of them in the NewsCenter Morning Show. And while Celeste and I can haul our asses in here and do the show with baseball hats and pajamas on, Lee has to get up at 2 am so he can prep important news and look good doing it. How could Maine go on without Lee? Would our last-minute plea to talk Lee into staying actually work?

Not a chance in hell. But we had a blast talking with Mr. Nelson.




Way to go Lee! We love ya. Good luck in all future endeavors and know you always have friends here at the Blimp. And since you won't listen to us and NOT retire, we will just have to embarrass you with this Lee Nelson NewsCenter Maine Blooper Reel.


Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's

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