When driving here in Portland, we often encounter pedestrians who for some reason think it's ok to just take their sweet time crossing the street.

Maybe they are sightseeing in our beautiful city or even more likely looking down at their phone oblivious to the fact that they have stepped in front of oncoming vehicles.

Well there is another group of creatures on foot up north here in Maine that will stop traffic as well.

Check out this wild video from posted to Facebook this week by Betty Jo Beaudoin Pomerleau of Greenville Junction.

Most of us have living seen deer up close while driving at one time or another. The most deer I've had cross in front of my car at once, was three in my neighborhood in Westbrook.

But jeezum crowbah! Look at how may deer showed up on Betty Joe's ride in Greenville. We counted almost a dozen.

Thanks for posting Betty Jo. This is a wicked cool sight.

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