As if the pandemic isn't nerve wracking enough, we've recently been told to watch out for murder hornets and the coming rise of cicadas. And now this...the recent sighting of monster jellyfish on the beach at Peaks Island.

I guess I'd much rather encounter something this scary looking while walking along the beach rather than having one swim by me in the ocean. Wouldn't wanna step on this monstah by mistake.

According to a Facebook post by Jason Lindsay aka "Mr. Science",

"Danielle Callow-Ivers snapped this picture of a lion's mane jellyfish, measuring 5 feet, which she found on the shore at Peaks Island, Maine."

You really get a clear idea of how big this thing is in the photo with kids sitting next to it. YIKES!

"Mr. Science" points out that,

"The tentacles contain large amounts of neurotoxins that can cause a range of effects when humans come in contact, from a rash to affecting respiratory function."

Yeah, no thank you. We'll be sure to socially distance ourselves from the Lion's Mane Jellyfish as well as fellow humans this summer. 

You know what though? The sun design in the middle and the reddish purple color of this massive jellyfish is kinda beautiful the more I look at it.

Maybe that's because these are pictures. I'd likely be horrified if this was actually right in front of me. I'm not nearly as brave as these fearless kids. 

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