Man, it is so on. Black Fly season is in full swing and it's dangerous out there! According to Down East Magazine's Survival Guide to Black Fly Season, everything about you is attractive to a black fly; the way you exhale carbon dioxide, your body heat and those dark clothes you wear. Some of you just have a certain je ne sais quoi, an indefinable quality that just makes you delicious to black flies.

The physical act of what happens when a black fly bites you is too gruesome to go into here, read the article of you want to have nightmares tonight.

I an effort to find a silver lining, Down East Magazine does point out a few positives:

  • Black flies are a sign of good water quality
  • Unlike their nasty cousins the tick, they don't carry disease
  • They are a terrific meal for fish, birds and bats

Avoid these vicious little beasties by covering your skin, avoiding the woods on cloudy days and dousing yourself in DEET flavored insect repellent.



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