These big beauties were posted on opening day of scallop fishing here in Maine to Facebook by fisherman Ed Tooley of Hope. Amazing! Thanks Ed!

When we think of harvesting seafood, we naturally associate it with warm weather. This episode of Maine's From Away reminds us that there are some crazy bastids (simmah down, you know we say that with love) out there draggin' for scallops in the brutal cold. In honor of the season gettin' back in gear this week, we thought it would a good idea to revisit how this hard work gets done

Meet Erik Waterman Captain of the N/V Sea Star outta Spruce Head. Eric and his crew do all kinds of commercial fishing on the coast of Maine throughout the year.

In December and January, they are on the hunt for sea scallops. So much intense effort  on the unsteady ocean is gone through to make sure we can enjoy some pan seared beauties at some fancy restaurant.

 A good attitude and a sense of humor is essential. No lack of that with these guys!

Hosted by Brunswick native Teagan Wright, the Facebook series takes us all over Vacationland to visit the folks that help make our state the best place on Earth.

And this guy does it all, creating directing and presenting the show. Not only does he host, he gets right into the sometimes dirty work along with the people he features.

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