These hilarious Maine cartoons take us into a world of wicked dubbahs that are chuggin beers, puffin' bowls, and sometimes gettin' the job done.

Either these guys are you, or you know someone just like 'em.

Late in 2017, the exciting news was announced that the ambitious plan for their first full-length animated feature titled, "The One Strain to Rule Them All". Needless to say, they'll be no lack of "smokie breaks" in a 'Temp Tales' movie.

Now here we are 2 and a half years later and the Maine comedy event to make the summer of 2020 suck a little less has arrived. WBLM is proud present the latest labor of love from our friends at O'Chang Comics straight outta Rockland.

The movie title has since been changed to "The Great Lost Strain". The first episode was released in early June and Part 2 will be out tomorrow July 15 according to the O'Chang Facebook page.


In the new cartoons, you'll see all your old favorite Maine friends like Bud, Atom and Crittah, along with new characters, Uncle Buzzy and a d-bag named Scroter.


Episode One starts with a quick backstory on the "wizard' who "created a strain of magical herb that could restore peace and common decency to the land."  And then, the new adventure begins with Bud's jobsite apprentice, Atom.

"After getting his ass booted from college right before graduation, Atom returns to Fantasy Haven, Maine to honor his Uncle Buzzy's dying wish."

In case you haven't seen it yet or you just want a little refresher before the new one comes out, here's the first episode in The Great Lost Strain. 

Alright, let's get after it guy. We can't wait to see the new one on July 15!

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