Brenda and Andres Ledezma sell cheesecakes out of their garage and on the honor system.

Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery/Facebook

According to the Bangor Daily News, you go to the garage 24/7, grab some cheesecake and leave money in the deposit box.

Or, as many people do, leave an IOU. Or a note about how darn good that cheesecake was.

There are a couple of bulletin boards above the deposit box and the smaller honor system change box. Slices cost $5.50, and cakes are anywhere from $27 to $45.

Did I mention there are 47 different flavors of cheesecakes? From plain to a seasonal maple bacon.

Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery Facebook

Everyone calls Brenda Momo, and the faith she has in her customers, has not let her down.  Most people pay and well, she doesn't really think about the ones that don't pay. She and her husband enjoy this hobby they started when they found themselves empty nesters. They've been creating and selling their cheesecake creations going on four years right on Main street in Ellsworth.

They make about 60 cheesecakes a day! If you find yourself in the area with a hankering, stop by - but be sure to have some cash or leave a sticky note.