For nearly a year, residents of Saco and Biddeford have been teased with the notion of a new Chipotle location arriving along Route 1. When Krispy Kreme went out of business, social media was abuzz that Chipotle would be moving into the vacated space. Instead, that space is becoming a Chase Bank. But fear not Chipotle lovers, there is a new location headed to Saco and it appears to be coming with a friend.

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According to Saco Bay News, the Saco City Council approved a contract zone that will allow a developer to turn the abandoned Pizza Hut location at 507 Main Street into a multi-unit commercial property that will include a new Chipotle location as well as a New Jersey Mike's Subs location. The contract zone granted to the developer also allows for a unit to feature a drive-thru. It's unclear whether Chipotle would feature a drive-thru or if another new business could join the building and utilize the drive-thru.

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Saco and Biddeford is likely to welcome Chipotle with open arms. After repeated rumors and disappointment, fans of the fast-casual restaurant will finally get their wish. But before you start planning a burrito party, you'll be waiting for a bit before the location actually opens. As of this writing, there was no firm timetable as to when Chipotle or Jersey Mike's will open in Saco. There are currently six Chipotle locations in Maine and only one Jersey Mike's operating in the state.

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