During the holidays things can get a little loose with your pets. Generosity is over flowing, and with all of the yummy smells there may be a bit more begging from your dogs than usual. Who can blame them, and what can it hurt? Look at those eyes! It's just a little bit...Uh...NO! Toss him some kibble but don't share people food.

Here's why according to Tegna Media:

  • Chocolate can give dogs big tummy troubles like vomiting and diarrhea, and who wants to deal with that mess? Even worse, if the dog is small and they eat enough chocolate they can suffer from seizures, irregular heartbeats and the possibility of an early trip over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Bread dough can be very dangerous because of the yeast in it which can continue to rise in the warmth of your pup's tummy. This can cause a bloated, twisted stomach that is painful and will lead to death quickly without emergency surgery. Fermenting yeast also gives off ethanol and can lead to alcohol poisoning as it is quickly absorbed into a dog's blood stream.
  • Corn is hard for your dog to digest and some dogs are allergic. Never give your dog a corn cob to chew on, they can cause a serious bowel obstruction which requires surgery to fix.
  • Let's talk turkey, there are so many reasons to keep your furry family member a safe distance away from table surfing. Turkey bones splinter and can cause excruciating damage to intestines. The skin is fatty and can cause the pancreas to become inflamed, that can be life threatening. The same is true for gravies and drippings.
  • Trussing twine on the turkey can cause choking and it's full of bacteria that could lead to salmonella poisoning.
  • I am so paranoid about grapes, because they can kill a dog. Grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs and can cause their kidneys to fail. No joke, if your dog gets into some grapes get him to the vet right away.
  • Garlic and onion make my world go 'round, but I keep them away from my girl, Raven. If your dog eats some, you may notice she gets lethargic a few days later, has tummy troubles, pale gums and is weak. She may be suffering from anemia, because onions and garlic can damage blood cells. It takes a couple days to kick in before your dog will show symptoms.

Have a safe and delicious holiday and keep food safety in mind around your pets.

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