Last month Central Maine Power Company accidentally told 62,000 residential electricity users that they would be receiving a credit on their bills.

According to an article on the refund message was only supposed to go to 122 large industrial energy users who are owed about $3.2 million in overages. Those overages are the result of a prepay system that was set by regulators several years ago a spokeswoman told the paper. She blamed the mistake on a computer programmer in the company’s Customer Service Department, and said it had nothing to do with the company’s new “SmartCare” billing system.

This new mistake shows a disturbing pattern in how CMP has conducted business lately. Sloppy is the word if you ask customers who have been unlucky enough to have had to deal with the power company.

This latest mishap probably won't help CMP sell their proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line through western Maine that would bring hydroelectric power from Quebec to Massachusetts.


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