According to the Sun JournalMaine Senator Susan Collins is taking on the marriage penalty that came into play when the 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act cut federal taxes by more than 1.5 trillion dollars. That tax break sounds great, but states like Maine had to make up that loss somewhere and so the marriage penalty was devised.

The marriage penalty works this way; taxpayers claim up to $10,000 in itemized deductions, but it allows married couples to only get the benefits of a single filer. Those deductions are usually state and local taxes from income and property taxes. Both spouses are paying them, but they can only file as a single. That is so unfair. It makes staying single more financially feasable and creates a bias against marriage.

Sen. Collins has introduced a bill to fix the inequality and make it easier for married couples to buy homes. Maine taxes are high, on everything; our cars, our property and our income- we all deserve a break. Ending the marriage penalty would double the deduction for joint filers.

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