At least twice a week I check out the Free section of Maine Craigslist for something useful or fun. Yesterday I came across this posting for Potty Bells. Yes, Potty Bells. You hang them on your door and train your dog to ring them when he has to go potty! I am intrigued...

Potty Bells (Skowhegan) 

"We are a Maine pet supply company that manufactures Potty Bells. Potty Bells are used to hang on the door for your dog to ring and communicate that they need to go outside. We have some customer returns that are either new or 'like new'. Please give me a call at (contact info) and I will ship them to you free of charge."
Here's a video showing how to train your dog to use Potty Bells:

I will be responding to Luke and I look forward to seeing how smart my dogs really are. I'll let you know how it goes!

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