I cruise Craigslist at least once a week and every now and then I type in WBLM to see what comes up.

This post is the latest to mention Maine's classic rock station:

"home stereo system, yamaha, advents, acoustic research - $90 (portland)

"very nice vintage stereo receiver and baby advent series 3 speakers , speakers recently refoamed , receiver works great comes with antenna in the back ,pulls in wblm clear. priced to sell, 90$ for the set up , price is firm"

I love that the true test for this stereo system is how clearly WBLM comes in.

Remember the days of homemade antenaes and moving your tuner around the room trying to get a better signal? The biggest bummer was a broken antenae, but a coat hangar sometimes did the trick to get your boom box receiving again.

When BLM hopped over to 102.9 and we ramped up to a stunning 100,000 watts, we made new friends from Bangor to Boston, parts of Canada and we even got phone requests from Vermont. Now that we are streaming, the walls are down and Blimpsters from around the world are listening with us.

Still, my heart grew three sizes when I read this Craigslist post. I was transported back to house parties with BLM blaring from a tuner and enormous speakers that usually had a blown woofer. The bigger the better, they doubled as coffee tables but God help you if you set a drink down on one.

Captain spotted some cool systems at New England Hi-Fi:

Do you still have your old stereo set up? Do you remember getting your first turn table and speakers? Comment on our Fan Page.

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