We posed the question on our Facebook page, "What is your pet’s name? And what do you ACTUALLY call them 99% of the time?" This question received hilarious responses.

I call my cat Charlie but his stage name and nickname is Benedict Cumberbatch, he is a black short-haired fur baby with one ear. Since you're wondering, he was found on Lincoln Street in Lewiston with frostbite on his left ear years ago. He was an alley cat struggling to stay warm when someone rescued him and brought him to the ASPCA. My wife and I wanted an orange cat but Benedict started to hit my hand while petting another cat and the moment we met eyes, that was it.

Our pets make us whole. They give us something that humans can not and that is the innocence and pure love that has never been fogged by life's unfortunate circumstances.

We love them but sometimes they piss us off, whether it be eating our new shoes, pooping in our new shoes, or throwing up on our new shoes, and the names we call them aren't necessarily their given names. Or there are times when they are so full of love we have to call them a name that expresses the amount of joy we feel when surrounded by them.

When Benedict cries all night long and the moment I wake up he sits on my face and falls asleep, I refer to him as Mr. Cumberbatch. When he's being super adorbs I call him Boubala.

One of my favorites is Rhubarb but Katie LB calls him, "Sausage."

John Sawyer via Facebook

Another favorite is Ramsey. John his owner calls him "Doug The Pug," "Fonzie," and my personal favorite "Gordon Ramsey."

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