It's more than just concerts and business meetings that have gone virtual with the pandemic. Art exhibits have also gone virtual too! Sure, you can check out a virtual exhibit at the Lourve in Paris but we found a great one that has just started right here in Maine and is being put on by Creative Portland under the leadership of Dinah Minot. It's called "2020 Vision: Past, Present & Future" and it's very Maine and very cool

12 artists were selected to show their works. This exhibit will be available until April of 2021 but don't wait! You can enjoy it right now.


According to Creative Portland:

Artists responded to the theme ​2020 Vision ​ by sharing a personal interpretation of a moment in Maine’s history. They reflected on how we are changing, where have we come from, what have we learned or accomplished, and most importantly -- where we want to go? Executive Director, Dinah Minot led the volunteer curatorial team consisting of illustrious women artists, curators, and gallerists. They included Kate Anker (​Running with Scissors​), Tessa O’Brien (​Able Baker Contemporary​ & ​Independent Artist​), Olga Merrill (​Independent Artist​), Elizabeth Moss (​Elizabeth Moss Galleries​), and Eileen Gillespie (​Independent Artist​).


Janice L. Moore, ​Paper Mill, Rumford ​ , oil on canvas, 36” x 24”
Creative Portland: Janice L. Moore, ​Paper Mill, Rumford ​ , oil on canvas, 36” x 24”




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