OK, things are really weird when it comes to sports right now. The Bruins started camp yesterday to get ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in AUGUST. You can send them a video of your cheering and they might play it at a B's game...which will all be held in Toronto. Or how about South Korea, where they are putting stuffed animals in the empty stands to make it look better. Or, in New York, where the Mets will be putting cardboard cut-outs of fans in the stands. I guess it's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of thing. Either way, it's just weird. We spoke with Tom Caron from NESN last week and he told us it was downright eerie at Fenway Park last week when the Red Sox started intrasquad games at Spring Training 2.0. Soooooo quiet. Too quiet. So the Sox are now experimenting with piping in crowd noise hoping it will bring the energy up. Here are a few examples of what it sounded like yesterday at Fenway...




Here's the tweet from our Tom Caron. I think it sounds more like a swarm of bees than a buzzing crowd. Hey, that's an idea. Instead of crowd noise, pipe in other fun sounds to make it interesting...like jungle sounds, or a Van Halen concert. You know, mix it up. Why not? Things could not get any weirder...could they? At least basketball looks somewhat normal, as they are putting banners around the outside of the court to block the empty seats.

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