It can be an anxious world out there for sure. We could all benefit from a few minutes with a baby goat in our lap. The moment is so calm that the two of you might even nap.

When you see how some of our neighbors respond to holding one, you'll be confident that they can erase any anxiety form the outside that may be stirring things up inside. The wicked awesome folks at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland are happy to let you commune with a baby goat and find some inner peace.


We were also really happy to see Reverend Fred Lipp holding a baby goat at about the :53 mark. He officiated Mr. and Mrs. Guru's marriage in 1990. While petting the little sweetie, Fred says "This is the meaning of life. It's a snuggle pile."

According to the Sunflower Farm YouTube Channel,

"Hundreds of people come to hold our kids over the spring. So by the time they are 5-6 weeks old and getting ready for new homes, they completely trust people. There are so many moments that make me tear up in the pasture when people are visiting. In a world that can be crazy and cold, the goats somehow bring out a centered warm, oozy goodness that makes me feel so so lucky when I get to just sit back on a warm day and watch. Simple sweetness. I made this movie mostly for myself so I can watch it on winter mornings and remember days like today. But I hope you enjoy it too! ;) My favorite thing about opening the farm to visitors is watching people arrive busy with a million thoughts, then a goat falls asleep in their arms and the world melts away and all is simple and good in those moments. It always feels like such a precious interaction and I wanted to catch a taste of it for people who have never seen it happen. The kids begin to leave in pairs or groups to amazing homes next weekend at 8 weeks. I will really miss them, but what an amazing 8 weeks it has been. They brought so much love to so many people and will continue to do so in their new homes. I really love goats. You can watch them on the farm's live cam at"

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