After a wild week celebrating the 4th of July, we're all back at it on a Monday. How 'bout  we take a moment and zen-out with the latest video from our friends at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland.

Meet Hector, the latest addition who just arrived the other day. Watching this newborn sweetie interact with the barn kittens will soothe any crankiness you might be experiencing today.

So just stop what you're doing for 3 minutes and 41 seconds to get a peaceful reset with Hector and his new friends with matching coats.

Here's the story from the Sunflower Farm YouTube Channel:

"Hector the Nigerian Dwarf baby goat is just 2 days old. His Mama Amelia Earhart is a little protective of her only kid (most goats have 3-4 babies at once!) While he waits for cousins to be born in the stall next door, he has befriended the three barn kittens. Mom is not so sure about this plan! The kittens did inspire him to climb the wood shavings bale for the first time!"


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