If you're a Dad that isn't shy about showing off your Buddha belly and you love doggos, there's a non-profit animal rescue in Lewiston that wants you.

This awesome post from Blessed Be The Bullies showed up in my news feed with an update on how you be part of something amazing. They are putting together a calendar featuring Dad Bods and Rescue Dogs.

American pit bull terrier
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According to their Facebook post a few months back, "You can use your own rescue bully or borrow one of mine!"

That's good news for me. While I absolutely have a Dad Bod midsection that has been sculpted with many years of fine Maine craft brew consumption, my dogs happen to be  terriers.

What super silly and wicked cute way to raise money for a great cause. So what do you think Daddio? You down for this?

Well if you are, then get after it because finalists for the calendar are going to be chosen this weekend with a photo shoot planned for October 10, 2020.

The Lewiston animal rescue's website states that they "will consider any dog in need, dogs at high risk of euthanasia, dogs at risk of abuse or neglect and owner surrenders, regardless of age, breed or adoptability."

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