Maine Public broke down the latest information from the U.S. Census Bureau and wow, Maine got even older!

Last year the median age in Maine was 42.7, and this year we are at 44.9, according to the article.

We are aging the fastest of all the states. Salty older Mainers aren't going anywhere, our baby boomers are retiring and staying.

Something interesting is happening, too: our population's landscape is changing.

Sure, we lost about 1,000 kids from 20-24 right out of college, according to Maine Public, but our older millennials are coming back or moving here. We had an increase of 42,000 folks from the ages of 25 to 34 join the party here in Maine over the past year, and according to the Bangor Daily News, the Census survey also showed that Maine is becoming more diverse. Our African American, Asian and Hispanic communities are all growing.

Utah is the national little brother with the youngest population, coming in with a median age of 31 years old.

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