There is everything right about this stone-wash, cropped Jordache jean jacket! Lately the Maine Mall fashions have looked more like 1985 than 2017, and I love it! Some of my fave trends from the funnest decade ever are coming back, so I took a minute to daydream about what my Maine Mall experience used to be. Swatch Pop Watches, Z Cavaricci high-waisted jeans, Obsession and Jovan Musk, Body Glove bathing suits and enormous earrings.

I made a list of some of the iconic Maine Mall stores that shaped the neon, lace, rhinestone, geometric scene during the 1980s:

  • Contempo Casuals
  • Merry-Go-Round, my personal all-time favorite.
  • Chess King
  • Lerner
  • Rave
  • Wilson's Leather, where I bought my first leather jacket that snapped diagonally- a la Michael Jackson.
  • Porteous, where I bought my first jumpsuit. It was lavender, and I wore it with white pumps and bobby socks.

I'll throw in lunch at Woolworth's, The Dream Machine and York Steak House.

Etsy is also full of retro inspiration, Check out these 80s earrings that would have matched all four of my O.P. bathing suits in 1984.

80's earrings

I also rocked this acid wash skirt in '87, and you can pick it up on Etsy


I wore a romper very similar to this one to the INXS/Go-Go's show at the Civic Center on Tuesday, July 10, 1984.


A must have for every 80s girl wardrobe was a collection of T-shirt rings. These were used to cinch up oversized, off the shoulder t-shirts. You can still buy them on Etsy. I'll take three!

t-shirt ring

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