Maine Mall in the 80s
There is everything right about this stone-wash, cropped Jordache jean jacket! Lately the Maine Mall fashions have looked more like 1985 than 2017, and I love it! Some of my fave trends from the funnest decade ever are coming back, so I took a minute to daydream about what my Maine Mall experience u…
There is No Such Thing as Winter Fashion!
This is not my best look, but it's been my only look all winter. I gave up changing shoes at work a couple weeks ago. I look as if I'm going out to shovel- all day, every day. Because guess what? I probably am going out to shovel sometime soon...
These Socks Rock
Insane Inflatables bounced through Blimpville on Saturday and they took lots of pictures! See if you can spot you and your friends in the Insane Inflatable's photo gallery of their Maine stop!
Is Big Hair Next Wave?
To achieve this hair only one product will do! Buy the original now on eBay!
My 80's fave, Aqua Net Unscented Super-Hold, is raking in big bucks on eBay. Do you remember how hard it was to shampoo out of your hair? Remember those scaly flakes that required a vinegar rinse...