If you got a drone for Christmas, the University of Maine Augusta has a class for you, a noncredit drone course! Not only does it teach you to fly the little buggers, it's also a stepping stone for an FAA license. The classes get students familiar with using the remote controler and also teaches aviation rules, weather patterns, airport maps and everything else needed to pass the FAA's test for commercial pilots. The class is taught by professor Dan Leclair who is an aviation instructor and a colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, and by Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Greg Joda. Some students taking the class have their sites on a new career for commercial photography, real estate inspections and aerial land survey. The class is only in it's first semester but it's filling up quickly and the instructors have a vision to offer more drone classes at U.M.A. so they can offer a minor in drone piloting in it's aviation degree program! Even if you don't take a class you are still required to register your drone with the FAA. Visit the Drone Registration Site and get 'er done!

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