Normally when you think of zip-lining, you get a heart-pounding, "woo hoo!" moment that screams "extreme summer vacation idea". Often it’s a bucket list check-off item, soaring with the birds along the treetops.

Mount Washington Resort Bretton Woods has an entire three hour tour specifically for you to enjoy this thrilling adventure year-round.

Screen Shot via YouTube Video in this article
Screen Shot via YouTube Video in this article

We know the slopes of Bretton Woods fill with skiers each winter season, and often the entire point of vacationing in Bretton Woods is to immerse yourself in one of our favorite New England sports: skiing and riding.

How exciting to find yet another spectacular reason to hit the outdoors during our New England winters, especially if you love winter resort vacations but don't ski or ride.  How perfect to fly through the ancient hemlock trees of the White Mountains.

Here’s the lowdown:

From high up, you’ll spend around three hours in the heart of the White Mountains, with sweeping views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range, jumping (no, not literally) from zip line to zip line using sky bridges, rappels, and platforms while enjoying an intimate tour of the area.

That means you'll take on nine zip lines ranging from 120-830 feet in length and up to 165 feet off the forest floor, all while hitting speeds up to 30 mph. Pretty quick, huh?

Some of the platforms are up to 70 feet high. Insane.

Obviously being winter in New Hampshire, you’ll need to wear warm layers, winter boots, and goggles. The Bretton Woods Canopy Tour, though, will provide Yaktrax and zip line gloves.

Screen Shot via YouTube Video in this article
Screen Shot via YouTube Video in this article

Find out more about it at the Bretton Woods website.

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