Halloween has been an interesting cycle for me. It started out as the chance to eat candy that my parents never bought. There was hoarding, sorting, trading, stealing, hiding and bingeing! As I grew older, Halloween parties were about dressing in an outlandishly sexy costume and dancing to Motor Booty Affair. Those were the days...

Now my favorite holiday has come full circle, it's back to being about the candy. I don't usually eat the stuff, but there is something about those huge bags of Halloween candy everywhere I turn that makes me crave Peanut M&Ms and mini Snickers bars. My kids ask for chewy, sour and in my opinion, inedible treats. I might pick up one bag of Sour Patch Kids, but the bulk of what I choose is what I want to sneak for a snack. Is that an abuse of power?

Do you buy the candy that you love or do you avoid temptation by getting something that you don't like? What's up with Bit O Honey by the way? How does that pass as candy?! Take our poll and comment on our Fan Page.

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