There are a few overachievers out there who are making the rest of us look bad. It has begun, Christmas shopping shaming season is upon us! The people at did a survey over Labor Day weekend and found that one in seven people have already started their holiday shopping! The survey found that people with kids are almost twice as likely to have started shopping. I am the mom of two and I'm holding out because as we get closer to the holidays their gift list is going to change. I am not a slacker, I am a realist! During Labor Day weekend 2% of the people who took the survey said they were DONE shopping! What?! I haven't even cleaned up my dead summer flowers yet! I'm not alone, seems 77% of us don't plan to "wrap things up" until at least December 1st!

I will admit that I have ordered a few things online, and that I am prepared to make about 50 glitter putz houses to sell at craft fairs. Have you started holiday shopping yet? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #herecomessantaclaus

Turkey stuffing before stocking stuffing.



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