Every year I am shocked when suddenly it is the week of Christmas and I haven't finished decorating, shopping or wrapping. Therefore I am surprised and happy to share with you that I have started Christmas shopping! I am making meaningful progress, and I'm genuinely excited about the gifts that I've found. Now I have to resist the urge to hand them out before Thanksgiving.

Reasons why I've started holiday shopping already:

  • I've hooked up friends with Seize the Deal certificates for favorite restaurants. The certificates don't expire so I buy them when they are available.
  • Money is always tight around the holidays, pecking away at my gift list doesn't sting as much.
  • I'm not a Black Friday kind of gal. I'm finding great sales right now when nobody else is trying to trample me at check out.
  • I think that I'm actually giving better gifts because I'm not under the gun and making desperate purchases at the last minute.
  • Impulse purchases can be an issue for me. I can't tell you how many unneeded votive candles I've picked up while waiting in line at Home Goods. The shorter the line, the better for my bank account.

One tip: Do not wrap present that you buy early, you will forget what they are and have to unwrap them. At least I do :)

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