No wonder we love this guy.


With the Delta variant of Covid still rearing its ugly head, Maine CDC director Dr. Nirav Shah is back to doing Covid briefings. There are lots of questions about booster shots, vaccination rates, and wait, did China accuse Maine of starting the whole thing with lobsters?

Brooke Riley from ABC7 asked the question. Wait until you see Dr. Shah's answer to the allegations? It's at 34:30.


Wait, did he just give a punny answer? He says that the story is 'fishy', that they are 'floundering' for a story. But Dr. Shah won't 'clam' up to allegations by big 'crab', 'shrimp' and 'crustaceans'.

But I think his funniest line is when he said that he simply won't stand for this type of accusation. Then he said,

That's why I'm sitting.

I love this guy so much! Right in the middle of a very serious press conference, he throws in this curveball. It has to be set up, right? I mean, no one said a thing about it and they all moved on like nothing even happened. Oh, but it happened. And it was brilliant. Thank you Dr. Shah for always having Maine's back and also keeping that sense of humor that has helped ease the blows of the past 18 months.

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