Some monstrous animals wreaked havoc recently in Northern Maine. And, no, I'm not talking about moose.

Bison on the Loose

(All this video needs is the theme to "Bonanza" and we have ourselves quite the hootenanny.)

Yes, bison have escaped...again...up in Aroostook County. This time the giant beasts were cruising around Fort Fairfield and Presque Isle. It was such a scene that the Fort Fairfield Police had to continually post updates on social media to maintain safety.

Fortunately, the bison wore themselves out and decided to chill on a hill. With assistance from several agencies, including the Maine Warden Service, the Fort Fairfield Police managed to rescue two of the bison and return them to their pen. However, as of the last police update, one of the bison was still unaccounted for.

Bison Habitat

You might say to yourself "Wait, Maine has wild bison? How did I not know this?" No, Maine does not have wild bison. In fact, there haven't been for a long, long time if really ever.

While the mighty bison originally was found over a large swath of North America, and then mass slaughter of the animal before the 20th Century nearly made the beast extinct.

However, thanks to various protections the animal has made a solid comeback, and can be seen living across the Great Plains, West, and in Canada.

Charges Pending?

The police pointed out massive structural failures with the pen that was holding the bison. Chagres are pending (no pun intended) for the owner. According to the police, the investigation is ongoing.

Here's hoping they find the last missing bison.

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