The weather was perfect for outdoor fun on Saturday as a couple thousand people took part in Insane Inflatables at Scarborough Downs! Mark and Sabelle ran it together and said it was their favorite run so far. This is Belly proudly showing off her medal at the end of the course.

While they were waiting in line for their run, Sabelle took some pretty cool pictures of Mark holding the sun.

Look, one hand!

They were super pumped as they made their way to the starting line. I had to make an announcement from it, and it was slippery and wet and hard to climb!

While they took on the course I hit the Traveller Beer tent with my friend Sarah who insisted that we try the see-saw. Insert your mustache ride joke here...

Traveller Beer was giving away snappy fake mustaches and this one small accessory turned our mild-mannered street teamer, Xander, into an extra for Reno 911.

These ladies got into the spirit of the event and were having a great time!

Next year I am putting Mark and Sabelle in tutus! Thanks to everyone who came to Insane Inflatables, and especially those of you who added to the fun by dressing up! Check out our next huge event, our Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash October 29th at the Portland Expo!