Ahh...a Meg episode. Fans of the long running Fox animated series "Family Guy" know that Meg is the member of the Griffin family most often dismissed and overlooked. So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that when Meg announced she was admitted to a prestigious college in Maine at the end of the latest Family Guy episode, nobody seemed to care. Not even a shut up, Meg.

According to the Portland Press Herald, that college is Bowdoin, and the end of the episode saw Meg donning full Bowdoin garb as she proclaims to her family that she has early admittance to the liberal arts college and a clean slate staring right at her. The rest of the family stay silent until Peter asks for the closing credits to roll. That's where the episode ends and we'll have to wait and see whether Meg going to Bowdoin becomes an ongoing storyline on the show or whether it was a one-off gag.

As for Bowdoin College, they were enthusiastic about having another celebrity join their ranks. They welcomed Meg Griffin as the latest Polar Bear on their Twitter account.

Despite Family Guy taking place in New England, Maine is rarely referenced on the show. Several seasons ago, Family Guy drew some ire from Vacationland residents by featuring a sign that stated "Welcome to Maine: Our beaches are just giant, ugly boulders".

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