Morgan was back on the Blimp Morning Show today with his picks for Maine Vanity Plates of the Week. Morgan is the man that runs the amazing Vanity of Maine Instagram page. He and his mom spend many, MANY hours cruising around our lovely state looking for interesting vanity plates. He is awesome and never disappoints. Plus we learn about body parts we never knew we had. Like a Foofa. Check it out.



Morgan actually had one of Celeste's vanity plates in his collection.


Vanity of Maine
Vanity of Maine


Do YOU have a Foofa? Celeste was so happy to find hers today.

Here's a bonus one we didn't get to on air today.



Here's a head-scratcher...


It's amazing what people can come up with in seven characters.



If we're not kissing ass ,we're hauling ass

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