Celeste and I had a blast doing "Name That Tune" this week with Tico the Parrot. We found Tico and his human Frank on the interwebs and got a good giggle out of it. We were wondering how we were going to follow up our Name That Tune Bad Cover Bands Edition when we found Tico and the Man. We received a ton of requests this week to post all the songs that Tico sang for you this week on the WBLM Morning Show. Here's a recap:

MONDAY-"Patience" by Guns and Roses. I don't know if I like Tico's electric stuff or acoustic stuff better, but he nails with this GnR classic:


TUESDAY: "Ain't Talking About Love" by Van Halen. Ok, this is pure innovation. Tico somehow seems to do a spot-on David Lee Roth yelp AND an Eddie Van Halen guitar divebomb all in the same breath.  The parrot is a genius.


WEDNESDAY: "She Talks To Angels" by The Black Crowes. We were one of the very first radio stations in the country to play the Crowes when they first started out. We know the Crowes. We love the Crowes. And Tico brings the Crowes to the next level. Enjoy.



THURSDAY: "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. It's pretty balsy for anyone to attempt this iconic classic-let alone if you're a parrot. But Tico knows the drill...the soft start and the bombastic finish. By the way, his whistling ain't half bad either. Maybe Robert Plant should have whistled a bit more on the original.


FRIDAY: "Breakdown" by Tom Petty. A nice tribute to TP. Tico uses all the tricks in his bag for this one. Bluesy, Funky, Emotive. He captures the heartbreak that encapsulates what this song is all about.


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