These items are not from one of my "collections". They belong to Mark, my gadget hoarder. We see here two VHS players and one kick-ass "Star Wars" style T.V. remote from 1990. I'm not even sure what the other remote controls. We also have a HUGE beige computer monitor that was too buried for me to photograph, but it is the size of a piece of luggage! Why, oh why, do we keep this stuff around?! A survey done by found that 70% of us admit to holding onto multiple devices that they haven't used in a long time. Not only are these obsolete items cluttering up your life, but they are cash waiting to happen! It was found that "gadget hoarding" comes from either guilt about parting with something that was once valuable, to being just too lazy to list it on eBay or Craigslist. Truth is, you could get some money for that MP3 player, phone, or tablet. But, the longer you wait the more value they lose.

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I found a P.B.&J. in one of these VHS players,