You never know quite what to expect when you hear someone is being chased down the street. Was there a conflict and now someone is trying to get away? If the chaser catches up to chasee (we know, not a word) will there be an conflict?

According to their report, here's what Oakland's finest had to say about the incident:

"You really never know what you are going to encounter when responding to a call of a woman being chased down the street. Will it be nothing, could you be getting into a physical altercation? Well this suspect was a little of both," police wrote on Facebook.

An officer "restrained" the goat using "freshly certified de-escalation skills," police wrote."

Well fortunately in this situation, the chaser was a friendly goat who decided to follow his human when she went out for jog.

As if to say, "What? I'm not following you." It is so stinkin' cute how he stops running every time she stops and turns around. You gotta see this adorable new video from our friends at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland!

According to the Sunflower Farm YouTube channel, this goat was their first. So naturally, he has become entitled to special privileges.

"Don Pedro was our first goat. He is a spoiled yard goat and wanders around all day outside the fenced-in area. He begs for food when we eat outside, sticks his face in the trunk when we unload groceries and greets everyone as they get out of their car. I am not sure he knows he is a goat. We got him 12 years ago, before I had ever milked a goat, made cheese or even imagined having a kidding season of our own. The herd has since grown to 30 goats (or as many as 92 when the kids are here!) and daily milking, cheesemaking and chores are part of the fabric of each day. Sometimes it is hard to remember when faced with the demands of farm life to take some time to fit in things we loved to do before. I used to be a runner, it has been over a year I think since I last put on my sneakers and headed out though. There is always something else to get done. Today when I was getting my mail, I met my neighbor at the mailbox. A year ago he had a heart attack, since then he said he has been adding things like "drink water", or "get some exercise" to the whiteboard in his home office where he used to post his work to do list, making taking care of himself a priority so he can be strong for many years and take care of all the other things that need to get done. He looks great, and his words were a great reminder that there is always time to get out and do what makes us feel centered healthy and whole, the daily stuff will always be there when we return. So I put on my sneaks and headed out pretty excited by my decision to make a break from the 24/7 demands of kidding season and to begin embracing some summer. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see Don Pedro trotting after me. "Wait mom, where you going?" I burst out laughing, tried to shoo him back up the drive, but he just stood there waiting. It was not until I ran back up to the barn with him that he was willing to budge. This happened three times, each time I was laughing harder and harder. I guess it was a perfect excuse not to run. But, finally, I put him in the pen with the other goats and told him I would be back in a hurry! I laughed the whole run thinking about him and imagining what it might have been like if I would have let him come along the whole three miles. :) Imagine the looks I would have gotten from people passing by. All this is the most awesome reminder that sometimes we literally have to out run our to do list, leave everything behind for a few moments to get clarity so that we can come back to all the world expects of us with a sense of humor and joy, and a little more get to than have to in our approach. Gotta love Don Pedro for the life lessons!"

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