According to Bangor Daily News, an uninviting South Portland park will be given new life thanks to a herd of goats.

Yerxa Park is overgrown with invasive plants, so the city is pulling out the big guns. This is no job for a weed whacker, this calls for experts. Send in the goats! Yes, a herd of goats will trample and munch away at the Japanese Knotweed and other unwelcome vegetation to help clear the area. Once the goats have completed their buffet, next steps will include laying down used carpeting or landscaping cloth for a couple of years to make sure that the culprits are good and gone.

The goats will begin working next spring. The goal for the park is to establish trails with signs and native plants for everyone to enjoy. The project will be covered by a $15,000 Community Development Block Grant.

This story got me thinking that it might be a fun idea to find a herd to help out at our house. I don't like mowing the lawn since breaking my ankle. What happened to kids going door to door asking if they could mow your lawn for a few bucks?! Anyway, I found Scape Goats. I think my lawn is too small a patch for these hungry guys, but I just might rent them out for my next birthday party because they are flippin cute.

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