OK, I'm going to say this right at the top. It is JARRING to see Rob Gronkowski, out former NeE England Patriot superstar, in a BUCS t-shirt. I don't think the "trade" was real to me until right now. He's really gone. Back with TB12.  And hey, if I'm falling off my chair seeing Grink in a Bucs t-shirt, wait until you see what happens what I see Tom Brady in a full Tampa Bay uniform, How do you spell apoplectic? Wait, I just did.

Anyway, I'm trying to be a bigger person with all of this. But there are ethical questions. Can I still root for Gronk and Tom?  Am I now obligated to hate them, like I did Johnny Damon when he left for the team-that-shall-not-be-named? I think I have come to a conclusion. I will root for Gronk and Tom INDIVIDAUALLY....say in my Fantasy Football team. But, I will NOT root for the Bucs ever and I will root furiously against Gronk and TB12 and the Bucs if they ever play the Pats. Am I making sense?

I still feel a need to root for Gronk on an individual level. One, he gave us some incredible memories and a few Super Bowls along the way. Second, he's friggin' GRONK. And you gotta love his Gronk-ness. The lovable guy who has NEVER gotten into any trouble along the way. In fact, he does a lot of good along the way like he did this week for a high school in Florida that lost all their equipment in a fire.

From the Gronk Facebook Page:

Hey Blake High School – we heard about the fire that destroyed your storage shed full of football equipment. Guess what?? The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and the Tampa Bay Bucs Foundation are replacing it all! Keep working hard… I wanna see what you got! Go Yellow Jackets and Go Bucs!

Check out the video. Nice shades, but the way.  We love ya Gronk and GO PATS!!


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