Rob Gronkowski

Gone From New England But We Still Gotta Love Gronk
OK, I'm going to say this right at the top. It is JARRING to see Rob Gronkowski, out former NeE England Patriot superstar, in a BUCS t-shirt. I don't think the "trade" was real to me until right now. He's really gone. Back with TB12. And hey, if I'm falling off my chai…
Rob Gronkowski Could Be The Next WWE Superstar
Today there is news from WWE on Fox that Gronkowski is close to a deal. According to a report from the Satin Sheet host Ryan Satin, we might be seeing Gronk back in the ring as early as next week on the Friday Night Smackdown from New Orleans.
Watch Fitzy’s Funny Reaction To Gronk’s Retirement
As we come to grips with the reality that Gronk is done, no one says how we're feeling better than our old pal, Fitzy. Here's some quicks thoughts from him "before he cried and/or drank himself to sleep last night." Thanks for giving us a little laugh through tears.

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