Am I seeing things? Maybe I am and that's exactly why I had to take photographic evidence of this bizarre and rare occurrence.

As I was driving home from the studio on Tuesday, I saw two little feet hanging from the sky. I know what you're thinking, it's getting close to Halloween and I may be trying to frighten you but it really did scare me! I literally yelled and pointed (even though no one else was in the car with me) "BABY, BABY BABY!" Because of how I was driving under it and the way my windshield is located with how it connects to the top of the car, it really looked like just two feet in the sky. Almost like how people put fake feet sticking out of their trunks for Halloween.

However, with closer inspection, it was two baby shoes hanging from the power lines. You'd have to see it to believe it so I drove back down to the heavily trafficked area the next day, got out of my car, and walked as close as I could to get a shot of this because I had to share it with you!

You know how once you buy a red car you then all of a sudden start to see red cars everywhere? Well, after I saw the baby shoe's I saw more shoes on power lines everywhere, like the ones below just hanging out at Bates College. However, none of them were baby shoes.



attachment-246712781_146863714272947_8411309935989877293_n (1)
attachment-243480049_343261790909376_9097484137062682042_n (1)

So I pose the question, why throw shoes on power lines?

I put on my detective panties and got to work.

According to Foot Files (appropriate name), shoes are strung up on power lines normally by a gang marking its territory. So what type of gang could this be?

Are they warning us that there's a classified Toy's r' Us is nearby?

And who is "they?" A gang of babies? I can see it now, they're riding infant motorcycles, with teeny tiny leather jackets on, with their baby hair styled in mohawks, sucking on leather pacifiers, and carrying raddles with metal spikes.



By the look of the shoes up there, I am sure that's exactly what those adorable little thumbsuckers look like.

Do the members get initiated by reciting every word from Baby Shark? Or like, throwing poopy diapers at cars?

I may be going too far but, one of the most interesting things about life is seeing things that are unfamiliar or strange and using your imagination to take you to a place you've never been. And I certainly have never been to a baby fight club.

Enclosing, as you drive down Route 202 in Manchester near The Cat Hospital, look up, you'll see the baby shoes and think of baby fight clubs, leather pacifiers, and me, an extremely odd individual.

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