It's on! Two of my personal favorites are going head to head! M&M's have terrific marketing with their adorable M&M's! Not only do they have a sense of humor, but they are also SO delicious! I love their colors and the fact that the green one has his own special reputation. On the other hand, Snickers are so satisfying! It just has to lay back and be caramel, peanuts and nougat enrobed in chocolate and I'm good. The Brady Bunch themed commercial is hysterical too.

You must choose. Snickers or M&M's.


These two candies are definitely Halloween faves, but you need some way to burn off those calories!  Come shake a tailfeather at "The Spirit of Portland" with adult beverages from Allen's Coffee Brandy, Tito's Handmade Vodka and Gritty's beer! Motor Booty Affair and Hello Newman will provide the necessary dance vibes. The Townsquare Halloween Carnival is daytime family Halloween fun with trunk or treating and entertainment! Get your tickets to both events today!

I am a Snickers girl. I ate that little Snickers photo prop. That's an empty wrapper. What, I'm made of wood?...